For the Late-Blooming Souls


  My backyard meets up with a wide landscape nursery, so for the past eleven years, I've enjoyed seasonal changes on display. My favorite time of year is right now, mid-September, when everything is halfway between green and gold as though fall is taking a deep breath and isn't ready to finish converting all the foliage yet. About five years ago, we planted two quaking aspen trees in the back yard and they're quite tall now. Since we planted them, I've come to love the one on the right more than the one on the left. They're the same height, breadth, and … [Read more...]

GraceLaced by Ruth Chou Simons


Disclaimer: I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. (And then I went and bought a bunch of copies to give away to my friends and family.)     A few years ago, I came across some beautiful artwork that wove Scripture verses with watercolor in a way that brought the words to living color. It was breathtaking and I couldn't wait to see more of this artist's work and to share her prints with my friends. The artist is Ruth Chou Simons and she has been sharing her art through her blog and online shoppe GraceLaced … [Read more...]

How to Find Joy for an Action-Packed Family

Elliesummer 2017

  If your family is anything like ours, you’ve probably spent your summer juggling toddler nap times, summer camp, family vacations, play dates, and many requests for popsicles. It’s mid-summer as I sit writing this, and my kids are enjoying 90 degrees and fun in the sprinkler. But even as the sun shines down on us, our future fall schedules loom large, and I can already sense the many pressures that September is going to bring. Speaking honestly, I could probably schedule our lives down to the hour, and I have done that at times, just to manage moving … [Read more...]

I Belong to Jesus. So Does My Social Media.

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  A few months ago, I sat in front of my laptop deep in thought, my cursor hovering over the word “unfriend”.   Right then, I unexpectedly visualized the last person I knew of who had “unfriended” me.   I had been unfriended before but this time was different.   This time, the person was a beloved and respected friend, someone who played an impactful role in my life and my husband’s.   Instead of talking to us personally about an issue, this person chose to abruptly end all contact. It’s been about a year, and though … [Read more...]

Open Hands, Eager to Forgive


  I read C.S. Lewis’s excellent book The Great Divorce for the second time a few years ago, and found myself impacted significantly more than the first time I had read it in my late teens. Then, within a year of that second reading, two of my friends went to be with the Lord.   There were two parts of The Great Divorce that have stuck with me, and they both involved forgiveness. The first is the scene where the Big Ghost is horrified to discover that a murderer has been forgiven by the Lord and is also in heaven. Later, in Chapter 10, another ghost … [Read more...]