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I’m Bethany, wife of Alex, and mommy to five dear people, ages 9, 8, 6, 3 and 1. I love doing life with my husband and kids in our small-ish town on the Alberta prairies, where we homeschool, work hard, have fun, and just try to keep it real. I love Jesus and I want to run my race faithfully for the Lord. I am passionate about Bible study, and finding ways to fill my life and home with joy.


Why “Joy Lives Here” ?

I love writing and I’ve blogged on and off since 2004. Joy Lives Here has been my permanent home in Internet land, thanks to my husband who set it all up for me in 2015.

People who know me usually assume that the name is related to my middle name, which is a little true – I am Bethany Joy. But by nature I’m not necessarily the most joyful person. Though I can have my moments of being bubbly and upbeat, I often tend towards having more of a melancholic personality and truthfully, I have regularly struggled with anxiety. But I have come to believe that the training ground God has given me is the task of living out my middle name – not in my own strength but through the grace of Christ Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.

So Joy Lives Here is more of a statement about what I want to live out and what I am willing to work for in my family. It’s a way that I can speak life into my home and declare over the places God has given me, “this is the commitment I have: to choose the joy of the Lord in my life.”

I believe that joy is not optional in the Christian life so it’s a discipline that I want to cultivate in my heart and home. It’s something that I believe comes from a place of practicing complete surrender and submission to God and to His sovereign work in my life. And I believe that true joy is only possible when I look at my circumstances through the lens that God gives me in His Word.

We serve a faithful Father and everything you and I face is from His hand. I am confident that He is in the business of resurrecting, of restoring, and that He gives good gifts to His children. More than anything, I want to train my eyes to see His unchanging ways and His abundant goodness in my life.

I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll find that this is a place where you can find ways to fill your life and home with what truly matters. I hope you’ll join me in working out ways to live in the joy of the Lord – so that we can truly declare with our lives, “Joy lives here“.


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